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Central Highlands aglow: golden rice paints the terraces

Since late May, Kon Tu Rang Village in Mang Den Town has transformed, its terraced fields turning a vibrant yellow, offering travelers a glimpse into the harvest season.

In Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Kon Tum Province boasts a hidden gem: Kon Plong District. Traveling just ten kilometers from the township of Mang Den, this region transforms during harvest season. Here, nestled amidst the tapestry of seasonally changing hues, lies Kon Tu Rang Village. Known for its vistas, the village offers a prime location to witness the wonders of the harvest season.

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Visitors can ride a motorbike or car along the main road in the village until the intersection at the end of the road. There, park at the nearby forest ranger’s house, and walk to the terraced fields.

It is currently the rainy season, and the road to the village is being repaired. Visitors should consider taking a motorbike taxi or taxi.

“The dirt road after the rain was muddy, I slipped at the Pa Sy Waterfall because I was careless,” said Minh Le (pictured), 25, after a trip to Kon Tu Rang on May 19. He had driven from the center of Mang Den Town, through the pine forests for about half an hour.

Kon Tu Rang Village is located near the “37 households” area of Mang Den Town, which is home to many agricultural projects and famous tourist attractions. The terraced fields are located at the foot of Ngoc Le Mountain, with Dak Bla Stream flowing below. There is also the famous Kon Tu Rang Bridge, which offers a wider and more open view of the terraced fields.

Minh, a tour guide at Mang Den, said the ripening rice season in Kon Tu Rang usually comes in May, earlier than in the northern mountains. In April, the fields were still green, but now they have turned yellow under the sun, signaling that the harvest is approaching.

Unlike regular fields in the plains, Mang Den terraced fields are irregular plots overlapping each other. Each plot has different colors, creating an interweaving color transition.

“If the ripe rice season in the northwest is magnificent, the Kon Tu Rang terraced fields are like a new baby of mother nature, beautiful in a gentle and peaceful way,” he said.

The rice fields in Kon Tu Rang are gradually turning yellow, ready to be harvested. This is also a good time for tourists to visit and take photos. From the field, visitors can trek to Ngoc Le Peak to have a panoramic view of Kon Tu Rang terraced fields and Mang Canh Commune.

According to Minh, visitors should spend about half a day in Kon Tu Rang, then move to Mang Den to visit other places such as the café located at the beginning of the new Mang Den Pass, which has a panoramic view of the mountains and hills, or Highway 24 towards Quang Ngai Province, curving up to the the statue of Our Lady of Mang Den, a significant pilgrimage site for Catholics in the Kon Tum Diocese.

Photos by Minh Le

Source: VNExpress International